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Autochair, have been designing and manufacturing disability equipment for many years.

Autochair, have been designing and manufacturing disability equipment for many years.

They offer 2 styles of internationally recognized lifts to accommodate most applications. All models are easy to operate with a simple 4 button switch and are powered by the vehicles battery.

Auto Chair offer vehicle specific mounting kits for over 300 vehicle models and all lifts are designed to be easily removed when not needed, freeing up valuable space in the rear cargo area. The design and finish of all Auto Chair models is world class.

Mini Lift

The Mini Lift is a great solution for lifting and storing mini scooters or wheel chairs with ease. The Mini ranges comes in 2 sizes, 40KG and 80KG. The 80KG model is a best seller. The lift and load time is estimated at 60 seconds which is fast.

Olympian Lift

The Olympian Lift is the big brother to the Mini lift. Using the same unique mounting design the lift is easy to operate and easy to remove should additional space be needed.

The Olympian has a lifting capacity up to a massive 200KG and comes in 3 capacity’s 100KG, 150KG and 200KG, perfect for most scooters and power chairs. To the eye, the Olympian range has a streamlined ergonomic look, much like an arm of a space station.


Olympian 150kg Lifting Hoist

The Olympian 150 Kg hoist the most common of the Olympian range , designed and manufactured by UK company Autochair.

Milford Personal Lift

The Milford Personal lift is designed to provide a smooth transfer for the occupant between the wheelchair and car seat.

Autochair - Innovating vehicle adaptaions since 1983

The UK designed and manufactured lift is both strong and versatile and easily detached from the car when not needed. Another feature is that Milford offer a smart base. This smart base when combined with the Milford lift are a perfect solution for around the home. This is also available is a battery pack. The smart base packs away in seconds. The whole package is designed to make life that bit easier for all.

  • 149KG capacity
  • Slings available XS-XL
  • Can also be used for the drivers seat
  • Transferable to another car

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