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Driver Aids

Driver aids such as hand controls, spinners etc come in a variety of formats to cover most requirements. Whether its just a basic spinner or a metal rod type arrangements, through to wireless technology that is compatible with the latest CAN Bus electronics in modern cars, the options are endless.

Given that the range is so diverse and clients needs vary, we find that its better to find the best solution on a case by case scenario. From within the industry there are a few leading brands, all designed and manufactured in Europe.


Left foot accelerator pedals come in a variety of options. All allow the users to switch between the left foot and right foot operation. When the left foot pedal is in use the right pedal can either be covered, flipped up or temporarily deactivated.

The quick release option is a unit that can be removed when not in use and the original pedals stay intact. This option also incorporates a cover that goes over the original accelerator so it cannot be accidentally activated. With the flip-up option, we install a third pedal to the firewall of the vehicle that is hinged, and then modify the original accelerator pedal, hinging that too. When the left foot accelerator is in use you flip the original up out of the way so it cannot be accidentally used.

For the electric option, we install a third pedal to the firewall of the vehicle that is wired into the original pedal, then there is a button on the dashboard so you can choose between the left and right pedal, if the left pedal is chosen the right pedal is electronically deactivated so it cannot be used.

Pedal extensions are also available to suit manual and automatic models. They have the ability to be removed shall the need arise. We can custom fabricate designs to suit.

Driving School Left Hand Pedal

Left hand pedal solutions for Driving Schools is another available product. The system is suitable for either manual or automatic vehicles. 

Driver Aids and Pedals - Alternate Mobility, Slacks Creek

We use a high quality cable operated system that is approved by QLD Transport.


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