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Restraint systems come in a variety of brands and configurations. Over time and use these often become worn or damaged. At Alternate Mobility we can source and install either the original unit or adapt another to suit.

QStraint-Restraint systems come in a variety of brands and configurations.

Q’STRAINT Restraints

[/su_spacer]When it comes to restraint systems you can’t beat the high quality Q’Strain range of products.

The QRT, retractor series provide an easy to use 4 point system, that enables drivers to secure a wheelchair in under 20 seconds.

The manual versions come in two formats, “Slide & Click” or a tracking version. The Slide &Click range can only be fitted in fixed positions, whereas the track version can be placed at different intervals to suit a variety of wheelchairs. Either way they simplify the securing of the wheelchair and have now become industry standard.

We use and recommend the “deluxe” version as they have the provision for additional tensioning when required. Electric front restraints simplify the restraint system and are intended to be used in the front position. They are wired into the vehicles electrical system and unlocked simply by pushing a button.

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