VW Caddy TRIPOD KIT – Wheelchair Access Conversion

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

VW Caddy Tripod Kit - Alternate Mobility Slacks Creek

The VW Caddy Van is the perfect solution for a family needing to transport a wheelchair.  As a vehicle, Volkswagon have a terrific reputation and warranty, with service and repairs available country-wide.

Using the Tripod Mobility Kit we can convert your VW Caddy into a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. The Tripod Kit is designed in Europe and incorporates a wide range of features

We appreciate that the vehicle is an expensive investment that needs to last for many years. The main component used is STAINLESS STEEL, something that won’t rust or corrode. This is the part that appeals to me personally. Over the years, I have seen plenty of modified vehicles and many are fabricated utilising mild steel, which often rusts. We also rust proof any other areas necessary.

External Features:

  • Easy to operate, compact & lightweight ramp.
  • Hydraulic kneeling suspension (Automatically rises when door is closed).
  • Ramp is short due to the above feature, which is perfect for shopping centre car parks.
  • Deep and level, full stainless steel inner floor assembly (light weight and rust free).
  • 60 litre custom made stainless fuel tank to accommodate the floor.
  • Utilises  the full original bumper bar and sensors.

Internal Features:

  • Strong stainless steel inner side walls to protect from wheelchair damage.
  • LED lights in the wheelchair well
  • Spare-wheel  is mounted on the left hand side with a cover.

VW Caddy with Tripod Kit plan


A   Entry Height   =  1430mm

B   AV Internal Height  =  1420mm

C   Tray length   =   1430mm

D    Ramp Width   =   800mm

E   Ramp Length  =  1350mm






When it comes to restraint systems you cant beat the high quality Q’Straint products

The package comprises:

Front Electric restraints -”Slide & Clickrear restraints –Retractable Sash Belt.

Qstraint Restraints - collage

Q'Straint Restraint systems come in a variety of brands and configurations. Over time and use these often become worn or damaged.

For more information on the Tripod Wheelchair Conversion for the VW Caddy call us on (07) 3474 6575

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